OUR STORY Forging Elite Fitness & High Fives

blóck units or sections of close communities which share the same values.
Four elements of “community”: membership, influence, fulfillment of needs, and shared emotional connection.


Block CrossFit began with little more than a passion for fitness and some homemade equipment. In 2011, friends Joe King and Chris Cloes had been doing CrossFit workouts individually. When they started meeting up in the backyard to workout together, they started to get a taste for what CrossFit is about: community.

Before long, Joe realized he wanted to make fitness central to his career. Once Joe earned his CrossFit Level One Certificate, the two-man backyard workouts grew to include a small group of friends and then grew again to include friends of friends. Eventually, the backyard was overflowing with barbells, medicine balls, and pull-up rigs. Things were starting to get out of hand. Joe and Chris saw that it was time to open an official CrossFit “box”.

In 2012, Block CrossFit opened as an official CrossFit affiliate in Redlands, CA. Joe, Chris, and all their backyard friends now had a building with walls and a roof! And since that time, their little group has grown to include a few hundred members. A lot has changed since the backyard, but one thing remains the same: at Block, it’s about community.

At Block, we always remember what it was like to do our first CrossFit workout. We remember how hard it was and how we didn’t think we could do it. We also remember what it felt to have others cheering us on and how good it felt to finish. And now, we are stoked to be sharing this community with so many others.

It’s not just about winning. It’s about winning together.