Nutritional Consultations Forging Elite Fitness & High Fives

Let’s Talk ($65)

1 hour Initial Consultation

Lean how to eat to ensure that you are performing at your best. You will receive nutrition advice that is tailored to your needs, personal goals, exercise regimen, etc.

I’m All In ($130)

1 hour Initial Consultation
Two 30 minute Follow-Ups

This program is designed for those who want guidance and would like more of an individualized meal plan based on goals, lifestyle, habits, and/or special diet concerns. It includes additional material based in unique situation for long-term success. During the follow-up sessions we will discus progress, make additional changes when needed and troubleshot.

Let’s Check In ($40)

30-Minute Follow-Up Consultation

During our follow-up session I will answer questions or fine-tune your meal plan. This program is also best for those who need additional accountability and/or guidance.

Special Pricing

Block CrossFit Athletes can get discounted rates on multiple Let’s Check In consultations.

Get Started!

To make a nutrition counseling appointment please contact

Caitlin McKee
Phone: (817) 528-3982


All payments are cash only, please.

Why see a registered dietitian?

A Registered Dietitian is the most reliable source of evidenced based nutrition information. Registered Dietitians are required to hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree and pass a National Dietetic Registration examination.

What to expect from a nutrition consultation

There are no one size fits all diets. To see results and reach your goals, it’s important to follow a diet that meets your individual needs.

A registered Dietitian collects information on each client’s lifestyle, food preferences, food allergies/ intolerances, and current dietary and fitness patterns.

Based on a nutrition assessment, a dietitian will work with athletes to develop and prioritize their nutrition goals and design a customized nutrition plan.

A Dietitian can provide information regarding supplementation for athletes.