Alan Sangma


Alan sees CrossFit as a way to make the world better one movement at a time.  He sees natural, powerful, and safe movement as foundational to not only better athletics and general fitness but also for overall wellness throughout the length of our lives.  So, if he can tune your mechanics a little or get you to squeeze a bit more power out of your movements, he’s a happy coach.

You could say that Alan’s background is non-athletic.  But it would be more precise to say he has eaten a lot of donuts and smoked a lot of cigarettes.  By the time he started doing CrossFit (2010), he had put in an accumulated twenty years of smoking.  This is perhaps why he views CrossFit the way he does.  He knows that he lives a better life because of CrossFit, and he wants to share that with…well, anyone who’ll listen.


  • CrossFit Level One